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Trinity Presbyterian Church
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Brief Statement of Faith

1997 Declaration of the Reformed Faith

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Our Beliefs

Trinity Presbyterian Church and Rauschenbusch Memorial United Chruch of Christ are (1) instructed by the scriptures as the sole authority in the Church and revelation of Jesus the Christ and (2) guided by the Confessions of the Reformed faith as a link to Christian thought throughout history.  The Presbyterian Church's (U.S.A.) Brief Statement of Faith and the 1997 Declaration of the Reformed Faith -- an interpretation of the Confessions adopted by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) leaders concerned about inclusiveness in the Church -- provide pertinent guidance for our congregations in today's world.   The congregations believe the Church's mission is three-fold:

-  The Kerygma -- proclamation of the Gospel
-  Kononia -- building the Christian community
-  Diaconia -- serving the world

In harmony with its tradition of inclusiveness dating to its beginnings when it was there for immigrants and their children who settled in its neighborhood, Trinity has declared itself a Welcoming and More Light Congregation in the Presbyterian denomination in which lesbian and gay persons can participate and serve fully as members and leaders.

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Rauschenbusch Memorial
United Church of Christ

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It chooses and ordains Elders and Deacons based on their character and Christian experience rather than worldly categories that separate and harm people. The congregation believes that in Christ there are no barriers what so ever and that all are called to God's service.

The Rauschenbusch congregation developed its own creed which speaks about its special concerns and seeks to express the best of what its people are about and what they want to be. 

Rauschenbusch Creed 

We covenant to respect the diversity of this community and world and, through the Eternal Spirit, to seek a deeper understanding of women, men, children, and nature; to attempt to share the burdens of and gifts of the old, the disabled, the ill, the victim, the oppressed, the withdrawn; through work and prayer and imagination to worship the Holy One in old and new ways; to strive for peace in the world; to minister to the artist and foster the creative impulse in all of us through listening, sharing ideas, and strengthening the moral courage to create; to struggle against prejudice, hate, malice, and spite both in ourselves and in the world; to seek and receive as we are able the meaning of God, Jesus, the scriptures and prayer through the unity and diversity in our midst; to laugh, to weep, to suffer, to rejoice with all whom we can; and to pray for those against whom we transgress or ignore -- and for ourselves.

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